Keith Curtis is an animal. He’s been the guy to beat in the RMSHA circuit for the past few years, being the most successful rider in Hillclimb history. He’s recently competed and excelled at the Red Bull Romaniacs and the Erzberg Rodeo, often regarded as the toughest enduro race in the world, where he placed top-25 out of 500+ starters. But beyond being a winning-machine, Keith is a down to earth guy that lives a healthy lifestly, and is an icon of the sport.


Name: Keith Curtis

Hometown: Dillon, Mt

What Pays for Your Sledding Addiction: Winning lots of races and having a key support crew for sponsors.

Keith Curtis Poses for the Camera
Keith Curtis Poses for the Camera


Current Sled(s):

  • 2017 Polaris Pro AXYS 600 Stock Race Sled- 155”
  • 2017 Polaris Pro AXYS 800 Stock Race Sled- 155”
  • 2017 Polaris SKS AXYS 800 Modified Race Sled- 155”
  • 2017 Polaris Pro AXYS 800 Boondocker Turbo mountain sled- 155”
  • 2017 Polaris Pro AXYS 800 stock mountain sled- 155”

Favorite Sled: Modified Race Sled, however, I absolutely dig the Stock AXYS, it is an incredible machine!

Favorite Mod (this year): Boondocker Sidekick Turbo/ Fox signature shocks


If you looked back, over your entire life and picked one day where you could point and say, “yeah, that’s what got me hooked on riding”, what would it be? Those fun days with friends back in the day, doubling them around, trying to throw them off the back, pulling people on inner tubes, snowball fights in meadows, racing buddies up the trail…. It all got me hooked!

Keith Curtis - Just About Made It
Keith Curtis – Just About Made It

What SLEDDING accomplishment are you most proud of? Full sweep at Jackson in 2014! Winning Stock 600, Stock 800, Stock 1000, Modified 800, Open Modified, Stock King, Modified King, and I also won the snow bike race.

On the mountain, what has been the scariest moment you’ve had while riding?

Race Course: Jumping up and over the crown of the mountain at “KLIM THE MINE” after pulling a wheelie through the timing lights on my modified King run. After catching the perfect edge with my track, I soared through the timing lights and jumped on to the back side of the mountain. I’ll never forget this moment!

Keith Curtis Jumps
Keith Curtis Jumps

What are the top 5 destinations on your bucket list? Japan, Alaska, Chile, Romania, Northern BC.

If you could ride with any three people, who would it be? What if those were the only three people you could ever ride with again, would it change your answer? I’m going to go with top level athletes in different disciplines: Travis Pastrana, Graham Jarvis, Ryan Dungee. Probably, yes… I would pick the guys who are the absolute best in the snowmobiling industry!!


What do you see as the biggest obstacle for new/young riders looking to get into the sport? Cost.

How often do you mentor someone in the sport, either to make them a better rider, or maybe grow their audience? Give an example of one that you’re proud of. When ever an opportunity presents itself! There are some local Dillon guys who I took under my wing, Christian Coiner and Ty McKay, and their race partner Luke Bledsoe. They are young, full of passion, and have their sights set on success! Fun taking these guys out on the race course and in the backcountry, showing them some tricks to the trade. And also showing them a thing or two on maintenance.

Stuck with Friends is the Best Kind
Stuck with Friends is the Best Kind

Where do you see the sport in 10 years? What do the machines look like? Has it grown or shrunk? Which ‘group’ dominates the market? I see the mountain snowmobiles becoming more like snowbikes and snowbikes becoming more like snowmobiles. There are some really cool features about both of the different machines and right in the middle will be the best of all worlds! I think snowmobilng and snowbiking is growing year after year and will continue to grow. What better hobby then going riding with your buddies in beautiful areas, building memories that last a lifetime?! I don’t think any one specific group dominates the market. It’s all about being diverse and experiencing all of it.

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