At the 2017 Denver Expo, I got the chance to catch up with Dan Adams, and he gave me the run down on this killer build for 2017!


The Goodies

  • 2017 Polaris AXYS SKS
  • Skinz front end
  • Fox Burandt-edition QS3 shocks
  • Skinz Billet spindles
  • Boondocker Turbo (sidekick)
  • Skinz NXT LVL front bumper with bash plate
  • SLP Mowhawk skis
  • Skinz Headlight delete kit
  • Skinz NXT LVL windsheild bag
  • Skinz Pro-Tube Shorty running boards
  • Skinz low-rise seat
  • Skinz NXT LVL waterproof tunnel bags
  • CAMSO Conqueror 280 track

The Build

As I prepared my responsibilities of the Denver Snow Show, I ventured out into the parking lot, expecting to help with the Swap Meet. What I saw was a motorhome, a trailer of parts, and two stripped-down sleds. Working feverishly, Jason Blair, Dan Adams, and a whole team for Skinz Protective Gear were building and wrapping this sled. Astounded, I asked what he was doing. I guess that since Skinz, Boondocker and several other contributors were coming to the Denver show, it just made sense to build it there. Either way, this project is so awesome. I can’t wait to film it on the snow (and really hope I get the chance).

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