At the end of September, 2016, Marlenee Photography conducted a survey, using SurveyMonkey on how we can do a better job providing content, a better mix of content, and a better interface with our readers. Here are the results:

Question 1: Age of Rider

Well, it looks like about 85% of my readers are between 21 and 50!

Question 1: Age Range
Question 1: Age Range

Question 2: What is Your Riding Style

We love the backcountry!

Question 2: Riding Type
Question 2: Riding Type

Question 3: Content Frequency

Seems like you all like my content frequency!

Question 3: Content Frequency
Question 3: Content Frequency

Question 4: Content Mix

A pretty good spread of results!

Question 4: Content Mix
Question 4: Content Mix

Question 5: Facebook Posting Frequency

Well, I guess we are doing pretty well here, too!

Question 5: Facebook Frequency
Question 5: Facebook Frequency

Question 6: What Type of Content Do You Like

I was surprised to see that Articles were your least favorite!

Question 6: What post types interest you
Question 6: What post types interest you

Question 7: What Type of Articles Do You Want To See

I was really surprised to see that Videos ranked the highest!

Question 7: Post Topics
Question 7: Post Topics

Question 8: Which How-To Topics Should We Cover

Again, I thought “Riding Areas” and “Photography” would be the top scores! Glad I did this survey

Question 8: How-To Topics
Question 8: How-To Topics

Question 9: What Would You Like To See Us Cover This Season

Here are the answers you provided on topics that interested you!

  1. Ride spots,trips, maintenance tricks, and accessory reviews
  2. Tips on maintenance for turbo Polaris AXYS.
  3. An in-depth tuning clinic with Erik Woog.
  4. How to navigate your way thru the Boondocker control box so you can diagnose issues that come up. I have taken one test and tune with Erik as I have just purchased a new turbo AXYS from him. I took notes during the entire course but he was rebuilding a secondary clutch while he was teaching so he didn’t go in-depth. That would be a great video and article I would love to read!
  5. Backcountry Riding
  6. Love the articles about random day trips that just kind of fall into place with no pre-set plans..
  7. How to get involved
  8. Things I can do to help clubs that don’t require lots of time
  9. Areas to donate
  10. Why it’s important to pay memberships and sled registrations / trail passes
  11. Comparisons and reviews of gear
  12. Technique
  13. Bang for your buck upgrades or unbeatable, unbiased (no sponsor promotion) reviews on products
  14. Love the inside info on the KLIM things.
  15. Some inside info on the big names in the sport
  16. Where the snowfall is when it becomes very isolated this Spring
  17. I really love the articles you make, you write them in a true snowmobiler’s perspective.
  18. Maybe cover some back scene things cause I loved to see that stuff when I didn’t get to ride with any cool cats.
  19. “Technique….Truths and myths.”
  20. Behind the scene
  21. More drone footage would be cool
  22. You can never have too many pictures/videos
  23. Videography and how to put videos together
  24. Behind the scenes of snowmobile events and films
  25. Spring Fling!!!
  26. Suspension set ups for different styles of riding.
  27. Sahen skinner
  28. Anything and everything backcountry 👍
  29. Dealers – who carries what/where
  30. Other sponsored riders, not just the top guys
  31. Women riders
  32. Up and coming / breakout riders
  33. Try to hook up with photographers alike and get some shots of you in action!
  34. I always like tips from the pros so seeing a few of these would be nice weather it is riding tips, photography/video tips, social media tips, it would all be great. I mean who doesnt like pro tips?!
  35. Wheelies
  36. I think all mountain riders should be well educated on Groups and organizations trying to close riding areas and be able to intelligently speak about this topic at the drop if a dime.
  37. Filming with drones
  38. Sled set up for pow having a hard time getting dialed in
  39. I really like coverage of the hillclimbs, especially the in the pots type stuff where you can see trick features. RLT’s live feed was pretty cool.
  40. Leverage the top riders you go with for riding tips and techniques where they actually put the techniques to use in the video.
  41. Some of the shoots and trips you take. Stories about your trips or riding days.
  42. Lodging, always looking for great places to stay when I head west since I live in northeast Nebraska
  43. Talk about how crappy the riding is at Wolf Creek so everyone will stay away.
  44. Hill climbs, back country competitions
  45. A kids riding segment or photo essay would be cool.
  46. Loved the Cooke city where to ride content you posted earlier in the year. It so far surpassed the cheesy articles you find in most magazines that were clearly chosen to highlight an area or resort because of a free trip they were given.
  47. Avy safety
  48. Weekly article about “how to riding tips” ( the schooled series had a good thing going IMO)
  49. Weekly sled tech tip from the pros around the business
  50. Local “Rider of the week” shout outs
  51. X-games
  52. Snowbikes.
  53. Love your photography posts and behind the scenes articles.
  54. I would be interested in some ride area reviews to add to my bucket list for when the big lottery win comes my way : )
  55. I think you have a great variety of content. I am front Indiana and ride out west a couple times a year. Your social media provides great information to stay in the loop with what is going on
  56. Exclusive Burandt and VOHK builds. In depth discussion / tutorial on what sets their sleds apart.
  57. What does a budget VOHK build look like for the guy who doesn’t fit the high end turbo market.
  58. Exclusive ride coverage similar to the Klim ride along with the Burandt trip.
  59. I always like seeing material from Matt Entz too. Perhaps a video tutorial on Mountain Skillz.
  60. More non-pro riders
  61. I really enjoy your pictures of riding with the Thunderstruck and Boondocker movie crews. Would love to have some behind the scene scoop with pics.
  62. Guys that travel for the good snow.
  63. The Sled-Den on the east coast gaspe chic chocs. We travel from the east to the west .
  64. Sled builds from non pros.
  65. Interview the rider and talk about all the sleds they have owned which was their favorite at the time, what THEY have done to their sled to make it suit their needs.
  66. Maybe the getting there. I think more people would like to see stories about trips, almost like a play by play.

Question 10: How Can Marlenee Photography Do A Better Job

Here are the answers you provided on how Marlenee Photography can do a better job:

  1. It gets old sharing post after post with every tag in the world on it. Get back to basics what is happening in the clubs, how to do things (ride, performance) I’m very active in the community and feel like everyone is now one big sponsor #tag. We won’t have a sport if we don’t offer free tips and tricks for new riders and where to go plus the struggle with land etc.
  2. Keep doing what you do!
  3. I’m a fairly new subscriber but, so far so good in my opinion.
  4. I love your articles/photos/videos they are great keep it up!
  5. I like your crossover on platforms and how you put in the quick links to access those other platforms like your blog from Instagram etc.
  6. Less of the same people over and over
  7. You already do a great job, stop thinking so hard!
  8. Have some more riders write articles like u have done w Matt Entz
  9. You’re doing great Steven! You do high quality work!
  10. No everything looks good to me
  11. It might be kinda cool to do a snapchat story when out riding
  12. 4K slow motion
  13. Keep up the good work
  14. Sometimes I almost feel like there is too much product promotion
  15. Just keep doing just what you are doing. It’s Perfect!!!
  16. Focus on amateur riders. Stop trying to be in the spotlight with sponsored riders.
  17. Keep up the great work and stay in touch with fans. Let me in on a filming session so I can see what it’s all about with the way you do things 😃
  18. Good content
  19. Short clips on Instagram are the best. Short and sweet. 15 to 30 seconds max. Then edits on YouTube. Make them about the whole snowmobile expierence. Early morning coffee to late night beer around a fire. Only 4 minutes max. Short edits keep your audiences attention. Especially since everyone is using an iPhone to view it.
  20. Nope. Thanks for posting my pic
  21. Not really, you’re content is awesome
  22. Maybe tag bigger companies in posts so you can get a larger following.
  23. Sled = life
  24. Content is killer already
  25. If you do some of the things in this survey you are asking about i think it will expand your content which will make it better. So simply just more content… What you have already is quality.
  26. Pull more wheelies
  27. Keep up the good work!
  28. Video of set up
  29. A theme for a specific day that is unique to you. Not just the “tips up Tuesday” or what have you. Along what I’ve suggested earlier like a Thursday Tech tips or something less corny. There are some YouTube channels I follow that I wake up in the morning knowing I’m going to get a cup of coffee and watch the “Wednesday Widget”.
  30. Nothing
  31. I appreciate all that you do for CSA, I think someone cool talking about issues that snowmobile community faces are vital. Most ‘boondockers’ are never going to listen to the old man trail rider who keeps the groomer running and goes to all the meetings, but they are more willing to listen if you and some other big names in the industry keep those issues in the news.
  32. You do a great job man
  33. You have brand bias based on sponsors.
  34. Maybe discuss more about the level of skill many of the riders you profile truly have. I think we get video blindness and it’s easy to forget how talented some of these riders are at their trade when we constantly see people doing cliff drops, hop-overs, and creek lines.
  35. Keep having fun, it shows in your pictures. Just do what you do. If you turn it into work, you won’t have as much fun!
  36. I feel you go above and beyond to produce the best content for your subscribers.
  37. Keep up the great work
  38. You currently have amazing content and I look forward to your posts in my FB feed! Keep up the great work!
  39. The content is great, well written and thought out. I enjoy reading the articles viewing photos and videos. If anything more video content would be fantastic.
  40. We as high level riders don’t always want to see content on the pro riders . They are a very small fraction of the riders. Let’s see content on other people that have a presence in the industry that don’t get recognition from their piers.
  41. Doing awesome.
  42. Your doing great now
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