SWAP MEET – 2015: Rules, Regulations and Information

The 2015 Swap Meet will be held Saturday, October 10th at the National Western Stock Show north of the Expo Event Center at 4655 Humbolt Street, Denver, CO. (CLICK HERE FOR A MAP) This is a fund raising activity for CSA. CSA protects your right to ride and we appreciate your participation and funding!



  1. Sled only in sled line (no trucks or trailers), includes 1 event ticket $20.00
  2. Sled in pickup bed 1 event ticket $25.00
  3. Small space, 2 parking spots (trailer but no truck) 1 event ticket $35.00
  4. Medium space, 4 parking spots (trailer, no truck) 2 event tickets $55.00
  5. Large space, (semi/large RV) no event tickets (business’s MUST have booth inside) $100.00


  1. Space sizes #1-4 are on a first-come, first-serve basis starting at 7:00 a.m. Saturday Parking closes at 9:00a.m. Please send in registration and payment in advance.
  2. Space #5 (Large Spaces): Before 8:30a.m. Saturday. Friday evening parking available by contacting Dennis Lynton-phone 303-358-4961, or email at DennisLynton@gmail.com up until Oct.9th. You are strongly encouraged to park on Friday, also first come first serve. We have no bad spots.
  3. Departure begins at 6:00p.m. Space 5 may stay overnight until Sunday afternoon for your convenience

Miscellaneous Information:

  1. No businesses will be allowed to display or sell in the swap area unless they have purchased space
    on the main show floor.
  2. Checks & credit card will be accepted for payment of swap-meet space until October 5,2015. Cash or check ONLY, accepted at the gate (no credit cards accepted at the gate).
  3. No helmet or oil sales allowed by law.
  4. No new merchandise is allowed: used or discontinued items only.
  5. Trash: No trace procedure: please pack out what you pack in.
  6. Do not transport sleds with engine on. Do not drive sleds. You may be responsible for marks left from skags.
  7. Participants in the Swap Meet assume all risk of personal injury and all lost or damage to property or persons.
  8. Please keep all merchandise sales & demonstrations inside the Swap Meet fence.
  9. No pickups attached to trailers, parking is available close by.


CSA Email: coloradosnowmobileassociation@yahoo.com

Dennis Lynton is running the swap meet. He can be reached at:

Phone: 303-358-4961
e-mail: DennisLynton@gmail.com

  • Friday parking will begin at 3:00pm and close at 6:00pm all participants are welcome to come on Friday to beat the rush on Saturday morning. This is a first come placement event.
  • The majority of the Swap Meet is moving to the large lower parking lot. Small trailers and single sleds will be in the small north lot by the doors.
  • Your tow vehicle is not allowed in the Swap Meet area unless you purchased a “Sled in Truck” #2 spot.
  • Want to volunteer and help for an hour please reach out to Dennis
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