Date:               June 20, 2017

To:                   Colorado Snowmobile Clubs / Associations

From:               The Colorado Snowmobile Association and Tyler’s Backcounty Awareness



Greetings to our fellow Sledders!

The buzz surrounding the Beacon Checkpoint Stations over the last couple of years is inspirational and speaks volumes to the snowmobile community awareness and commitment to snowmobile avalanche safety!  It has made it possible for us to conclude the testing phases with the initial units and we are now ready to offer them out to all clubs and organizations!

Why might you and your organization want a Beacon Checkpoint Station?  First, they are a simple, logical avalanche safety tool, offering riders in your area one final check that their equipment is functioning as they pass the unit and head out to the backcountry or trails. Second, Beacon Checkpoint Stations not only verify that your beacon is “ON”, but also that it’s transmitting at the correct frequency! And finally, these Beacon Checkpoint Stations are a great fundraiser for you and your organization.

With the purchase of your Beacon Checkpoint Station, you may solicit partnerships to help cover the cost of the unit, and create advertising and recognition of the partnership in a reoccurring fundraiser!  The Colorado Snowmobile Association (CSA) suggests that you market a partnership for your sign with a one or two year term. At the renewal of each term you have the option to change your partner designation, because of our partnership with ArcticFX Graphics, it’s simple to get a new name-plate.

OK, so the details:

·         The cost of the sign is $1500, due in full when you pick the sign up

o   For example, if your club maintained the unit on a two-year partnership agreement, for $750 per year partnership with an organization, the unit would be paid for in the second year.  Subsequent partnership agreements could generate $750 per year, that your club maintains the checkpoint.  This can be used to maintain the sign and to improve your grooming efforts.  Partnerships like this are a critical part of how CSA operates and how we can leverage the newest technology to make Colorado one of the safest places in the US to ride!

·         To be guaranteed a sign by Thanksgiving, we need a $500 deposit by July 15th. Later orders will still be accepted, but there is a minimum 90-day window to get the electronics and vinyl

·         Along with your deposit, and in order to start your sign, we need the following information:

o   Provided in Partnership with: [This is where you identify your partner]

o   Maintained by: [this is your club name, that will be maintaining the sign]

·         Orders can be placed by emailing A verification email will be sent to you! You must also confirm final artwork, prior to printing.

·         Signs must be picked up in Fort Collins, Colorado, or shipping arranged with Brian Lundstedt

·         The signs are your responsibility to maintain, and will require (4) D-cell batteries to operate.

o   Generally, the signs are using one set of batteries per year

·         The club will be responsible to place the sign and groom around it, keeping it at the appropriate height and trail proximity, as the units have a 1.5M receiving range.

Thank you for your consideration!

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