Our Mission

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Driving Awareness and Fundraising

Our sole mission is to save the sport of snowmobiling. At Marlenee Photography, I believe it’s our responsibility as riders, to do everything we can to protect the sport we love. I invite you to see how I’m doing it and to see what might work for you and your family and buddies.

In pursuing our mission, I give everything Marlenee Photography has to offer, to the sport. None of my pictures are for sale. People or organizations that find value or interest in them are encouraged to use them. Set one as your computer’s screen saver, or as the home screen on your iPhone.

However, if you or your organization finds value in them, PLEASE, make a donation to the right to ride fund (you can donate HERE). Just make sure to thank Marlenee Photography, so we know where it came from.

Likewise, if you have something that is photo-worthy, and would like us to send a representative, go on over to our CONTACT page and send us a message.

Lastly, enjoy! These photos are meant to convey the joy of experiencing the deep back country. The pictures are meant to provide evidence that snowmobilers are one of the few user groups that can reach the depths of the winter landscape, and that experience is rewarding to those visiting public lands.

Steven Marlenee, owner of Marlenee Photography is committed to preserving winter motorized recreation. He sits on the board of the Colorado Snowmobile Association and Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness. Steven dedicates his winters to capturing the joy of the backcountry, and to fighting for our right to access it.

It’s not all work for Steven! Here, he gets a little time on the other side of the lens to hit up some of natures goodies.